Understanding Hosting and Domains

Are you still confused about the terms hosting and domain? Do not be confused! Hosting and domain are two very important things in making a website. Why is it said important? Because without these two things, the website will not be able to be "online" alias can be accessed by many people via the internet. Actually, you don't need to know in detail what hosting and domain mean. However, you don't know, then you don't love it, right? For that, in order to better understand how a website can work, it would be better if you know what hosting and domain are.

What is Hosting?
Hosting is a location or media for storing data in the form of writing, images or videos. Easier, hosting is the location where the website files are placed. We know that website files can consist of various things such as website scripts, image files, video files and so on. Well, in this hosting all these things are stored. So that later, other people can open your website via the internet. Quoted from Wikipedia, Web hosting is a service for users that is useful for storing information, images, videos and some other content that will be accessed via the website. It is easier like this, the website is considered a building. The building will be erected on plots of land that have been plots of certain sizes. Well, this piece of land can be called Web Hosting or often called Hosting.

What is Domain?
Domain is the name or address of a website. Yes, a website definitely has a name. Have you ever created a website with the suffix (dot) com, (dot) id, (dot) net, (dot) space? Now the name of the website with the suffix (dot) com, (dot) id, (dot) net, (dot) space was called the domain. Do you still remember if a website is like a building and hosting is like a piece of land? Well, the domain will lead visitors to a piece of land (hosting), which has already been established a building (website).

Domain also has a domain level. There are 3 levels of domains, namely Top Level Domain, Second Level Domain and Third Level Domain. This domain level is used to determine the level of the domain. For example, there is the domainesia.com. Well, (dot) com is included in the gTLD or Generic Top Level Domain category. Then domainesia including Second Level Domain. For Third Level Domain, is the word to the left of Second Level Domain. For example domainesia.com/pandu. Now this "guide" is usually called a Third Level Domain or so-called Subdomain.